MAY PARLAR ( b. 1981, Istanbul ) is a multidisciplinary artist and designer from Istanbul & New York and currently based in Berlin.


She creates performance-based imagery exploring the human condition and the  nomadic experience of 'being' in constructed realities. The idea of self, time & memory, and the notions of belonging and alienation are recurrent themes in her work.

Apart from her fine art practice, she is a researcher, filmmaker and leads art & design studios at different universities.

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Selected Print Features

Libération Daily, France                                

We Demain Magazine, France                            

La Nacion Daily, Argentina 

Philosophie Magazine, France                        

FishEye Magazine, France   

Aesthetica Magazine, UK   

Les Echos Weekend, France          

The Good Life Italia, Italy                   

Bref Cinema, France                                                                              

Elle Magazine, Italy

Musee Magazine, US